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Took the S&W 15-22 to the range, and had an irritating but successful trip.

The indoor rifle range doesn't allow less than 25 yards, My laser is rated 20, so it was hard to see. The range choice of targets was all crazy backgrounds with different color targets scattered on them, nothing serious looking. The contrasts didn't help. And the range light was good at 23 yards, 25 was between lights, arrggh. My brother's bench bags were too short for an AR design, and the lane shelf was too short. I had to shoot with the stock collapsed.

My matching all 3 sights ahead of time helped. I started off an inch left and 2 inches high with 4 inch groups. Finished with shots scattered around the bull and 3 inch groups with any of the sights. I think I'm better than that, considering my first rifle time in two years and range conditions. Used Federal Auto Match, 2 duds with good strikes in 90 rounds, not bad.
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