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It's noteworthy because I know exactly where he was. I grew up a few towns over, and used to go to that grocery store. Only at the time it was a driving range. My entire family has a rule about going to that area after dark (do not, and that includes me) and going there in the daylight (we all have permits, we all are to use them. And if at all possible, do not go there without me). I can understand wanting to have a weapon, as I do not go near there without at least one, sometimes two. It used to be a sort of okay place, but thanks to recent efforts at something, it has turned into Mogadishu.

He has an unpleasant conversation with an uninformed policeman. I am familiar with the dept. in question, they are retreaded. And what conclusion does he come to? "I wish I had grounds for a lawsuit." That is going to make gun owners look good....let's be the next group to claim victim status and abuse the court system. Always a good way to gather some good will and compassion.

Just wanted to share this. I was doing some last minute research. A close friend who works in Congress is on his way over here, and I want to discuss the idea of a statewide open carry ban before these assholes bring us into California or Hawaii gun law.
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