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What gun would you want if the ammo was free

Sheepdog Gun Poll

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If you could only take on gun with you into a situation that you know is probably going to be hostile, and you could only take one gun, what CALIBER would it be? We're going to say that cost is NOT a consideration.

So what's it going to be, and why????

That OK Sheepdog? :)
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.308 Winchester for reaching out to just say hello. :D
i chose the commie round........................

larger caliber than the 5.56

lighter weight, less rcoil than the nato round

battlefield proven

and most importantly, available in the sks and we already own that rifle----who needs the extra weight and bulk of magazines for the ak, ar-15, or the m14 when stripper clips are available....
I'm going with Deputy on this one...The only reason so many Americans don't like the 7.62x39 round is the somewhat confusing metric nomenclature. It's a good round, and you can carry a ton on stipper clips.
going with the commie round to, decent range and accuracy. Bigger bullet than the 5.56. Stripper clip stripper clips and stripper clips.
Soviet, because it fires from the most reliable rifles ever made.
I went with the 7.62 x 39 too. I've always thought it to be a good round.
7.62 because I shoot it reaches waaaaaay out there, and I don't mind the weight factor....also shot the M16 and hated it....never shot the 7.62x39.....

Thanks, John, for helping me...I slept through that class...
I like the 308, very vestal.
I gotta look that one up...sounds kinda sexy....hmmmm......
308 will do everything the other two can do , but better . And the other two
can't do what the 308 can do . The 1st gun out of my safe for emergence is

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308 from short to long range out to a 1,000 yards I can hit it. I don't need a ton of ammo I need only the weapon I was trained with. If I get to load the ammo much more stopping power better bullet expantion also.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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