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Shooting USA TV crew kicked out of Grand American!!!!!!

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Grand, But Invisible

While the 2008 Olympic Games have been underway in Beijing, China for what seems like the last six or eight weeks, the airwaves, internet, and cable have been saturated with a variety of competitions. Notably absent, as expected, the shooting sports.

It's a commonly accepted fact in the industry that, when it comes to shooting, any coverage, but most especially television coverage is difficult to come by. Unless, of course, it involves a tragedy or a challenge to the right of firearms ownership.

So imagine my surprise when I learned that one major shooting event had turned away television coverage. Coverage from a group that has proven for the past fifteen years that they're decidedly pro-shooting.

The Amateur Trapshooting Association's Grand American event is, to many, the biggest trap event of the year. More than 7,000 shooters and tens of thousands of spectators had gathered at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, Illinois from August 6-16. The 1,600 acre facility is literally crammed with shooters and fans.

Imagine the surprise when Shooting USA producer Michael Irvine showed up with his crew, ready to tape the competition and was denied permission to shoot.

"We'd arranged this four months in advance," Irvine told me, "the when, what and particulars were all supposed to have been approved, including our setting cameras about six feet behind the shooters so we could actually get an over-the-shoulder shot that actually showed the clay targets breaking. "

Apparently, that was a bit close for some of the shooters - and that's when the trouble began.

"Some of the shooters broke open their shotguns and said they wouldn't shoot until we left," Irvine says, "so we went trap house to trap house and the same thing kept happening. Then the Range Officers started yelling at us about not being entitled to be there."

Staying calm, Irvine then explained they were pre-approved, had everything arranged in advance, and weren't trying to cause problems. Calm didn't work.

Instead, the crew was told to move to a position nearly half a football field from the shooters. To Irvine, that was unacceptable. "You've gotta see what they're shooting at," he explained, "otherwise, you have no idea what's happening."

That argument didn't cut any ice with officials, who then suggested the crew move to the practice fields and shoot there. "Couldn't do that," Irvine said, "I told them that ethically that wouldn't work, and that if something couldn't be worked out, then we'd jut have no coverage."

Ultimately, that's exactly what happened. The Shooting USA crew, denied access to the competition fields, packed up and returned to Nashville.

And the reaction from Jim Scoutten, host and honcho of Shooting USA? "Dumbfounded," he says, "I was just dumbfounded. It's the first time in 15 years that's ever happened."

In 1993, Scoutten explained, it wasn't common to see a television crew at a shooting event, but since then, a variety of production groups and TV programs routinely attend - and tape- competitions. "It took a while for people to warm up to the idea," he said, "but eventually, they realized we were helping get the word out."

Around the industry, word of this incident has started to spread. I asked Scoutten what kind of response he's gotten from other events. "Come here," he laughed, "lots of events have called and said, we have a great event, and we'd love to have you."

In an election year, it would seem anyone involved in shooting would be more than willing to get a little positive television time, but, it seems, that's not always the case.

We'll keep you posted.

--Jim Shepherd
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I wonder why? I guess I don't understand the objection to having the event televised.
guess the match folks took themselves a little too seriously-----oh the pressure!!!!!

so much for good will, and good luck gettin' future support/coverage...........
:? :? I tried to contact them, to question their motives, & had absolutely no luck. :(
So this was the USA shooting teem that ran them off?
No, it sounds like it was the officals and the shooters and the Grand American Trap Shoot in Ohio. It's a HUGE trap shooting event held every year.

What a bunch of jerks. I swear, I have seen more bad attitudes from competative trap shooters than any other group. :(
What is the best way to grow your sport but with a televised event. Obviously the officials are short sighted and have way too high an opinion of their event.
Well thay can suck now can't they? :x
Trap shooters are bad about that stuff...

I got out of shooting registered trap when I was 15 because it was turning into this sport where if you didn't have a $2000 over under you were really looked down upon. I know guys that showed up to our club with beautiful model 12's and the under over guys just sort of ho-humed about them when they brought them in to show them off.

I once out shot a guy (at age 14 no less) with a beat up winchester 1400 who was shooting a $2500 A. Zoli. He got pissed and said the targets weren't flying regulation...what ever that means. I shot for another year, and left that club...just to snooty for my taste.

The club I shoot at now is better, but the trap guys still rule the roost.
Johngoboom said:
I once out shot a guy 12 times(at age 14 no less) with a beat up winchester 1400 who was shooting a $2500 A. Zoli. Then I kicked him right in the balls. He was really having a bad day then.
Bountyhunter said:
Johngoboom said:
I once out shot a guy 12 times(at age 14 no less) with a beat up winchester 1400 who was shooting a $2500 A. Zoli. Then I kicked him right in the balls. He was really having a bad day then.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That's funny shit!
Shooting people isn't funny. :ugeek:
So why'd you kick him in the balls after? That's not nice either. :?
He looked at me funny...bastard had it coming.

And with that, we totaly hi-jacked this thread. Nice work BH! :D
That was baaaad LINO and I agree that BH is funny.
Natalie...I just want you to know...Bounty hunter changed my post in his quote...if you read the orginal above his, it's not what I wrote.

I would hate to think you thought less of me. :)
Johngoboom said:
Natalie...I just want you to know...Bounty hunter kicked my post in the balls...
:lol: :lol: :lol:
LMFAO! See what I started?

Damn me! :x
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