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Shooting while whitetail deer just don't care

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The other day while practicing with my SBH .44 magnum, I decided to take my digi camcorder along. Now mind you my uncle who was his normal self and doesn't care uses some words not acceptable to some, please forgive.

Anyway, this whitetail deer was about 100 yards from us, so I zoomed in just to see what her re-action would be to all the shooting in a non-hunting season enviroment.
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Amazing----and amazing again....I think the Wildlife Dept. must be spending millions each on those decoy deer....she probably had a .30 cal mounted in her butt.. ;)
I think they can sense danger, too....animals are smarter than we ever a dog smells or senses our fear or lack of it.....I love to watch deer in the wild....thanks for this.....PM
That's pretty cool. She didn't even care. All she wanted was a bit to eat. :cool:
Exactly, she just did not care... but some would not have believed it if I had just told them about the encounter etc.

I was surprized that when checking my YouTube account that it had uploaded, as I was really having trouble with it the other day. The nice thing about using the video, is to check my groups when shooting etc. I will be taking my digicam with me hunting this year :p

I'm going to be going back out again today, doing a test with those 290-gr SWC just to see how far they will penetrate some 5 gal jugs I got filled with water, and some plywood to act as bone.

Results later.
must be one of them re-located transplanted refugee deer from new orleans-----use to the gun fire.............. :lol:

The deer seem to know when huntin' season is on-----been thinkin' of do'in some huntin' at our gun range from the tracks i've seen...........
Cool video JB...We have some local deer that live at our hometown gun range...they will stand at the end of the trap fields, and you can see them get hit by falling shot, they just shake it off, and go back feeding.
Cool, they laugh???
Not that I've noticed, but you would think so by the way they stand there...

I was shooting in a seperate pistol range area we call the bunker. It has 20' high dirt on three sides. We use it so you can put out muliple targets...the steel plate guys use it a lot. A guy I work with and I were shooting in there, putting a lot of lead down range, and 2 deer walked right around the top of the range looking down at us. I bet they weren't more than 50' away the whole time. They know their safe.
They gotta be intelligent....or awfully intuitive...I read stories of guys who low crawled up amongst several feeding/laying long as he didn't stand erect or stretch his arms out or look up...they didn't pay him any it's not the may be the tallness or the shape of our face that identifies us as enemy...they're beautiful critters...and so good to eat, too...!!!
It's funny how fast during hunting season they will go nocturnal...In pre rut when the deer are eating everything in sight trying to put weight on, we'll have 5-10 in the backyard every night...but as soon as November 15 hits you won't see them until well after dark. By the end of December when I shine a light out on my corn pile (I feed them all winter, I went through 1000 lbs last year) we might have 20-30 out there eating away.

It's funny to watch them with a light...I was out Yote hunting with my BIL, and we shined a spot light out on a field there where three of them were feeding, a mom and two little ran off, and started blowing. One of the little ones got confused and ran right at the light (from about 75 yard away) he got about 10' from my BIL when he went "YYYAAAHHH" and waved his arms...that little snot about fell over trying to go the other way. I kept the light on it, and Mom snorted once more. The little deer went right over, and started feeding by mom again like nothing happened. :)
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Just last week I shot about 200 rounds of .22 at my farm. Then I cranked up the DR field and brush mower, while my wife was sitting in the shade on a lawn chair. She said two does were grazing right behind where I was just shooting and that they paid me no mind whatsoever mowing the grass! I had no idea they were even there myself, as I was intent on getting the job done.

More than once at a place several old boys use as a range I have went down to change the target and seen deer right near where I was shooting.
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