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SKS Ammo

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I just put an SKS Norinco on law a way. They sell the Wolf ammo for $5.50 a box and the Tiger ammo for $4.25 a box. Is the Tiger as good or should I stay away from it? I need 10,000 rounds.
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i'd try a box here, a box there just for a quality check........

you're gonna have to get use to the sks trigger and sites first so just enjoy.......

we've been buying the "monarch" stuff at Academy Sports........ off the shelf it runs less than five dollars a problems with it.
I've owned 3 SKS rifles in the past, but haven't since 1996. :? I used to shoot the cheapest ammo I could find at my local shop and it all fired real nice. I just ordered a plastic stock for it too. The wooden one on it is a bit heavy and beat up pretty good.
some of the better sks ammo i've shot was selier and belliot----however you spell it-------that stuff was purty good and the best i ever tried but its not available in my area off the shelf.

but with white box winchester, i did suffer some slam fires-----guess the primers wern't as tough as the military versions..........

have shot a ton of wolf and the only problems encountered is occasionally will find a round that has lost it's crimp and the bullet is seated in too deep------watch for that.........
I'll keep an eye out for that. I'll be loading them into stripper clips so it should be easy to spot.
...maybe more like 100,000....
I've never tried the Tiger ammo. Wolff is about all I've tried.

Go to those guys will have the poop on the different ammo. There's also lots of info on how to smooth out the triggers out there on the web. I've done the triggers on all of mine let me know when you get yours I'll walk you thru it.

I'm at Mom's house tonight, when I get home tomorrow I'll post some other good sites you can check out.

P.S. For what it's worth, I tried most of the russia ammo back about 9yrs ago (Tiger wasn't out back then). I really couldn't tell a whole hell of a lot of difference.
Thanks Deadeye. :)
BH look in semi auto rifles for SKS links!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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