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Was in Sportsman's Warehouse this morning. They were down to six boxes of Auto Match, and was told their list didn't show any more coming soon. They've managed to keep it on the shelf for a solid week, so must have gotten several cases for once. Same lot number on every box.

I had bought a box last week, but bought another today. I normally don't do two with one paycheck, but it filled the only spot left in my safe, made by my last range trip. These were $22, $2 more than a month ago.

They had Thunderbolts at a dollar more, now $36.99. Ridiculous. Hundred round packs of Browning at $10.99. That would make 400 cost $44....:eek:.....I bought a single 400 round box from them 6-7 weeks ago for $24......???....Some Mini-Mags, up a dollar from two weeks ago to $9.99.

Don't know if it's normal increases, or capitalizing on Orlando, or the election? Whatever reason, I'm glad I'm stocked up.
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