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Springfield XD-40

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Just a wild hair, but I am toying with the idea of buying a XD-40 sub-compact for CCW. Anybody out there have any experience with this gun? (yes, I know, it's ugly!)
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I think you'll find a couple of serious XD fans around here Mike.

I have never shot one, so I can't give an oppinion on the subject.
I, for one, am religiously opposed to striker fired pistols.

Every time a hammer clicks back, an angel gets it's wings. Are you anti-angel?

Seriously though, it is striker a Glock.....yuck.
The XD's are great guns! I don't care for the 40 caliber round myself, but the guns are great. I also don't like a barrel shorter than 4" on them. The 3" is top heavy and feels weird. I like the 4" and the 5", but I don't carry the XD. If you like the feel of the short ones go for it. They will eat anything you put in 'em. I've put around 300 rounds thru my 45 Tactical and it's accurate, and impossible to jam. :D
I have zero experience with the .40 S&W round but like Shawn, I have an XD .45 Tactical and have been quite pleased with it's performance since day one. It handles well, has good ergos and I've experienced zero failures to feed, fire or eject. If you pick one up I don't think you'll be disappointed. :D
i've not fired one yet, but i have been looking at the 45acp or the 9mm.
My girl just got the 4" 9mm. Fantastic little gun! :mrgreen:
UGLY?? No Way.
I have a 40 service model (4"). Great gun. Accurate as anything I have. Great to shoot.
I would recommend shooting the 40sc if you haven't already. That 40 round is a little
sharp. The 3" barrel will give you some muzzle flip. I have a Sig P239 in 40. It's a little
tougher to hold it down than others.

I also just got a 9mm 4" and a 9mm 3". The sales on XD's are going crazy. I think you'll
see alot of LE agencies going from Glock to SA XD's. They did come out with one with a
thumb safety , but it may just be in 45.

Anyway, you can't go wrong with an XD. If you get one and don't like it, they're easy
to sell. JMO
I'd go with the .45---the tactical(long-barrelled)---for a holster gun...I like the way it fits my hand...and 14 rounds---not bad for a .45 that fits...I'd like to have one in a belt with about 15 clips in about a SHTF package....just don't trust that trigger style too little to lose........ ;)
I have the Tactical with 5 magazines. Lots of rounds at my finger tips! :ugeek:
The brand new one or the old one without a safety latch?
Now the only problem I got with the XD is that it don't come in 10mm :eek:
.45 don't kick you back....'course with them cannons you're used biggie....
sheepdog said:
The brand new one or the old one without a safety latch?
No thumb safety.
I went over to the Kittery Trading Post today and looked at a XD-40 Subcompact and a full sized tactical in 45 acp and really like the feel of the subcompact. Even with the short mag I could get most of my little finger on it. They didn't have a 45 compact but I can see one of them looming on the horizon. I haven't figured out the caliber as the subcompact in 40 looked like it could be carried pretty easily but I just like a 45 acp so it's between a 40 subcompact and a 45 compact. I have awhile to decide and change my mind as the money just isn't there right now. I still haven't forgotten the 4" Redhawk in 44 mag.
So many guns, so little money. :(
Bountyhunter said:
So many guns, so little money. :(
I hear that brother..

I walked away from a nifty little Walther G22, neat little thing lazer and mounted with a scope for 389 today. Only because i currently have a layaway there.
Layaways are safe money for the store...shoulda got the one you want and let the layaway cool....I had a Winch 1300 layed away...when I saw my KP97DC come in the door...I pushed it back and got the .45....told him to hang onto the 1300 another he's gonna be mad for more money to come into the till???? You NEED that Walther....the word is NNNNNEEEEEEDDDDD..... :twisted:
I agree, Velvalco. That Walther with a laser sight would be sweet.....
Placement of a .22LRHP like the CCI Stinger, the Rem Yellow Jacket....or any other hyper-velocity .22 round is crucial to get a clean kill...that laser seems like it'd be worth the investment....the scope is not my choice but that's just old dog thinking....
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