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Still not a wasted trip...

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I went to the range today with the intention of doing some accuracy testing with the model 18. I have about 6 different brands of target ammo and was planning on seeing where they grouped. When I got to the range I discovered that I had left behind my pistol did the next best thing. I pulled out a saw horse from the back of my truck, set up a bunch of soda cans, and commenced to firing. Not what I inteded, but fun none the less.

I couldn't really test accuracy but I could tell the wolf target match ammo shot very clean, and the remington target was dirty as all get out.

I hope to get back there again this weekend and really shoot for groups.

A guy I know named Frank was down at the range too, this guy always brings and arsenal. I bet he comes down with 20 differnt guns, and he shoots them all. I got to shoot his XDM, which was great, his springfield match 1911, which was AMAZING, his S&W performance center 8 shot .357, which just made a mess of the bull eye, and his FN Five-Seven which was just plain FUN!!!

The gun is super light and looks like this...

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I need to find a place close by where I can shoot my 22. I hate to have to go to an indoor range just to shoot a 22.

My BIL wants a FN gun. I know which FN one though. :?
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