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Tactical Tuesday!

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Forget taco Tuesday let’s make it tactical Tuesday

Outerwear Bag Sleeve Grey Khaki

Product Bag Sleeve Font Luggage and bags
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I just don't go for 'tactical". I cringe reading "tacticool", I'm glad you don't use that term !

I did decide to keep my .22 AR all black so it would be more powerful and shoot faster ... :D
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Practical tactical ? ........ :)

Some of it is useful, but some is just junk to get the Mall Ninjas' money .....

I've seen tactical underwear and tactical toothbrushes ..... o_O
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The underwear was somewhere online, the tootbrush I think at a gun show. IIRC the toothbrush was OD, the undies you had a choice of black or digital desert. .... :p
Another Tactical toothbrush -

Everyday Carry - 33/M/Melbourne, Australia/Product Designer - The Tactical ToothBrush

Soap -

Grenade Soap Co. Maverix Soap - $9 a bar !

Bra -

Cheata Tactical Compression Bra (
"The most powerful bra you'll ever wear". ... Powerful ?? ... "improves the fit of ballistic armor". ... :rolleyes:

Wonder if there are Tactical condoms? ... Kevlar? ... :p
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