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Test Loads for 9mm

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Just loaded my first 30 rounds on the Lee good.

I loaded up test loads as follows:

125gr LRN HP-38 4.4gr 10ea
125gr LRN HP-38 4.6gr 10ea
125gr LRN HP-38 4.8gr 10ea

All were set for a C.O.L. of 1.125" (I love my new RCBS digital display calipers)..... :D

I will shoot them off of a benchrest tomorrow, to check for slide action, accuracy and pressure signs....shouldn't be any extreme pressures, as 4.4 is min and 4.8 is max according to Hodgdon's web site...... :ugeek:
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lookin' forward to the report...........
what powder are you usin'?
what is the weapon?
looks like she might like the hotter load........
i'd try them out a bit further distance to just confirm.
any leading?
sounds like a winning combo.
what brand bullets?.....main stream or private caster/company?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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