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"Selection of the method of attack also need to test the infuriating strength? Too much, which is obviously a convenient thing to repair the children who line.
"Yes, our poor children, there is no money to buy gas gathering Dan, it is difficult to break environment, desperately hardnfl jerseys authentic training only to the chi-triple environment and then let us pick a power law, would never be the light of day?"
The main house too much and actually developing such rules. "
"Protest our veterans will be the abolition of unreasonable rules!"
Custody Wu elders by the Court to hear the babble of protest below, frowned, loudly shouted: "Silence! Powerhouse of arms by the Court, not your noisy places!"
This drink transports enough gas Shengruhongzhong, and the shock of the crowd standing instability, ear bone must be broken, have exposed an aghast look.
"Well, you gave me listen. Rules are rules, fathers laid down in the arms by the Court martial, regardless of the exercises, tricks, cheat, the lowest spiritual level low-grade,'s infuriating auxiliary practice. cultivation not even give you secrets, you will be able to practice! "
Elders some wrist, just those who oppose the face slander natural color, did not dare to speak.
"Well, the hour to ten poly gas stone, in turn test, the beginning!" Elders of high drink soon, Wu began the test by the Court of deacons.
Huang Ying infuriating intensity level yellow medium, into the cabinet. "
Wang Yuanhao! Infuriating green intensity level superior, failed. "
"Weisheng Long! Infuriating red intensity level lower, to the cabinet."
The beginning of the test, flashing different colors of light on a gas gathering stone, said the strength of the testers infuriating. The children of many clans in turn approached the test, but some people are happy others are sad.
Gu Qing infuriating strength ... purple-class medium! "At this point, the sixth nugget next to the gas Stone, deacon in charge of testing shocked, carefully read the half-day, only to be exposed results.
That test, a woman dressed in white, looks beautiful, although not stunning, but on the posture of the brow there was a British Gas, it was amazing.
Purple level finest! This is the cultivation wholesale jerseys from china of qi Seventh environment clan when this genius? Haoran just grabbed the family than the first, but chi-six heavy environment? "
"You know what, but that is small than the clan of young JJ does not even bother to participate. Gu Qing has long been a master of the clan on the 1st, if not the old Soviet Union dust waste to suppress, now long ago is the first clan.
"I also heard, and said that this woman was lost to the Soviet Union dust, two years is not a retreat, did not expect even to the chi-70-heavy environment."
The clans children looked at the white woman, all reveal the look of envy and jealousy, and wished I could have her for the repair.
Gu Qing Qiao Li, however, does not seem to hear these arguments, enter by the Court when I glanced back, after a moment, his eyes showing a touch of disappointment, and turned into a Military Court.
Episode led to a commotion, but soon calmed down.
After noon, most of the clan disciples have finished selecting the exercises contented to leave.
"This year, five remarkable children entering the country, it touches on the Su children occupy most of the resources, but progress is slow, really heart sick."
Custody of weapons by the Court, the elders looked at the hands of the record, with a sigh.
Su elders. "
At this point, a Pathetic juvenile way, awakened by the Soviet Union Presbyterian Congchensizhong see come and smiled, wholesale nfl jerseys saying: "Su dust."
This juvenile Su dust.
"Elders, I would like to select martial arts into the arms by the Court, which is a token of my Father." Su dust will be a sovereign tokens to the elders of the Soviet Union.
Sovereign move contrary to the family system, do not take the test is about to enter ... nothing more, in any case, the child also was once the home of the Soviet Union hope for the future, perhaps a turning point. "
Elders of Su Su Jiazi brother, the hearts of the meaning of care, was just about to release, I heard a gloomy voice: "So the elders, arms by the Court clan forbidden, and when a place that people can wander in and out?"
Chen elders. "
See come to the elders of the Soviet Union's face suddenly cold: "weapons by the Court for my jurisdiction, I want to put anyone in, it seems to fail to get you to manage."
Su dust to see Chen elders, eyes slightly narrowed.
The Chen elders Walter Chan patriarch coveted sovereign bit for a long time, and always wants to take the Soviet Union were replaced.
"Su elders really overbearing, Is the son of the sovereign can do whatever they want, how can the truth!"
Chen elders cold face, said: six ancestors with the rules laid down, is the sovereign can not be destroyed! Test wanted to enter the powerhouse of arms by the Court, this responsibility, you play since you! "
Su elders face shows an angry crackling authentic jerseys wholesaleof a pair of iron fist grip ringing.
What is this, this is a blatant insult!
Chen elders words, then the Soviet Union Presbyterian sovereign Su-Zong Yuan, or even the whole Su installed inside.
Clan of the General Assembly in the future, even in front of you veterans questioned the sovereign fault, let the Soviet Union were majestic and sweeping.
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