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The Texas Star

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There are five nock off plates they are around five inches wide and high. The whole idea is to nock them off with one shot at each plate. Most folks use the 38sp. and I do alot as its cheaper shooting and reloading for sure. But when they have nock downs or the star I stick to my 45's like glue. The problem when the 38sp. is that you have to have a better hit to nock them off or down almost dead center. Ah but with a starting load with a 45Colt just about any place with a 45 Colt and its going down, much more to my liking I might add. And nothing but nothing rings steel like a 45 Colt.
And when I draw and fire 5 rounds and 5 plates fall and then I go to the dump target and run the last rounds on it and the steel is steel ringing when they are calling the time, yea man that is sexual to me for sure.
Ah not that I love the 45 Colt its more lust and love I love to lust for it. There is just nothing in this world that does it for me like the 45 Colt.
Nothing sounds like it nothing rings steel like it from a pistol.
The 44-40 ah now there is a rifle for sure, does very well on the nock downs and rings steel almost as good as the 45 Colt. When I have those with me and my mule eared shotgun I am truly in the ole west and shooting like they did back then.
I guess I am a gun nut for sure as a match normally takes just about two hours, sex have never lasted that long for me as I have long since ran out of steam but shootin mmmmmmmmmmmm got lots of stea fer that.
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that Texas Star is a lot of fun and a good movin' target.........
i looked around and found a pic for anyone not familar with the star

the tips are metal targets that fall off when hit------but as soon as one falls off---it gets off balanced and will start rotatin' back and forth kind of like a windshield wiper............with adjustable speeds dependin' on which plates come off and at what point of the swing ya make the hit.........
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Sarge just posted some videos with those being used. Very cool. I'd love to have a place for one.
Thanks deputy 125 I can always count on you to help out.
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