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ok, call me brain dead if ya like, but i enjoy professional wrestleing or as i like to say "rastlin"

last nite was the specilal "king of the ring" match ups and low and behold, it was invaded by the politicans. hillary, obama, and mcain each had an advertisn' spot on it directly addressin' the rastlin' fans. Now they were givin' their rah rah about why we should vote for them and givin it in rastlin' terms and sayin's which was pathetic. Hillary and obama can't give a very good "the rock" impression.

For what it's worth, hillary gave the best commerical talk as she was i hate to say it a good public speaker and talking directly to the audience when talking into the camera but still pathetic with the dribble.

obama was so obviously scripted that you can easy tell he was reading it right off a cue card or screen as his eyes were not even making contact with the audience like hillary--made him totally unbelievable and acted like he did not know what he was doing.

mcain was a bit rough around the edges and unfortunately for him the least photo-genic of the bunch in front of the camera as his make-up looked off and he looked like a squirrel with a mouth full of pecans with his cheeks puffed out.

i thought a 3 were obviously pathetic and none of them obviously were fans or knew anything about it other than pandering to potential voters.

Thank goodnes they each only had the one spot. But the WWE decided to have a bit of fun which was entertaining. They had a female come out to the ring that vaguly resembled hillary and a guy that i had to do a double take cause he sure did sort of looked like bill clinton and sure sounded like him. Of course with silly make-up. She meet her opponent obama in the ring with over-size ears and they had their war of words then started rastlin' each other and wooping each other till a pro westler named omaga came down and did the samonian spike to obama puttin' his light out and then slammed hillary down while bill ran away.

Now that's enertainment! only wish it had been the real jokers out there instead of actors!
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