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Tonight's shoot!

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Ok took out 4 guns.

What a POS! Jam after jam! It's off to the local shop to be traded in on another LCP.

Put another 30 rounds thru it today and it was flawless. Great little gun!

Put about 100 rounds thru my 6" GP and as always, it impressed me. My GF shot it with 38's and 357's and shot it great. She loves it. It grouped great at 15 yards off hand.

We put 150 rounds thru the XD-9 and it was flawless. Not a missed beat. Ate up the fmj's as fast as I could pull the trigger. Great groups out to 15 yards. The XD line of guns from Springfield are top notch as far as I'm concerned.
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You prove again the point that there are good guns and there are junk guns....of which some work and some don't....glad to hear you're stepping up to a higher's the accuracy on the Ruger .380? If it fits your hand well, you oughta be able to looks tiny to me.....
It's very tiny. The same size as the P3-AT. The groups aren't to bad at 7 yards. I shoot half size sillouhuette targets and keep them all in the chest. At 10 yards I can keep them in the black. Further out and it's hit and miss. For it's intended purpose, up close self defense, it's great. IMO. ;)
Yep, if it pops every time you'll do what you need it to...who was it said "A pistol is only good to fight your way to your rifle with"? It'll get you loose to get a hold of something better....
my wife took her LCP out for the first time yesterday when we picked it up, course i shot it as well. I have to admit, the little thing shoots great. We put 50 rounds of Remington bulk, 30 rounds of WWB, and 12 Magtech self defense rounds through it, no problems what soever, and that was straight from the factory box without having the gunk removed.

I also picked up 500 rounds of 45 acp 230gr FMJ for $160, they see me pull in, and out come the "specials"
That .45 ammo weren't a special, it were a gift!!!!!
That's a pretty good deal on the 45 ammo.

I never had to clean my LCP before taking it out. I field stripped it and it only had a small amount of oil in it. Looked like it does after I clean it. So I just put it back together and shot it. :geek:
hmmm...I do have one empty pouch on my collar.......
I forgot to mention that I came home with about 50 pieces of 45 acp brass too. :)

While I was shooting my LCP one of the cases shot out the light. :lol: :lol:
Bountyhunter said:
I forgot to mention that I came home with about 50 pieces of 45 acp brass too. :)

While I was shooting my LCP one of the cases shot out the light. :lol: :lol:
did you run and hide? or return fire?
I shot in the dark. :?
lol exactly what i would have done.

my range is an outdoor range, open from dawn til dusk. sure wish there was an indoor range that was close.
I'd like to have the option. Indoor shooting is ok, but I'd like to shoot outside sometimes. I wish I had my own land. Enough to shoot on I mean. My quarter acre doesn't count. :|
yeah i totally hear you. if i could just get my neighbors to move i'd be ok

luckily the range is less than 10 minutes away.
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