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Took the wife to the range...

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I have to go to third shift starting tongint, and as I'm not going to be here, the wife wanted to go to the gun range, and have a little refresher course...normally she doesn't like to go.

Well, she started off shooting the LCP, she has only shot it once, and forgot that it has a long DA trigger pull. She didn't care for it all that much after running a mag or two through it. I had my P89 on today as my CCW, and I told her, well try this one. I have put a lighter spring setup in it, and the DA is SMOOOOTHHHHH. She shot it once, and said "It's too big, but it will work." She then put them all into the sheet of typing paper we were using for targets at 7 yards. I don't think I would want to be one the wrong end of this girl if she has a gun in her hand! :D

She doesn't really care for shooting, which sucks, because she is actually pretty darn good at it. I have got her where she can if she needs too, and I "make" her go to the range with me once in a while just to stay in practice, but it's nothing she is ever going to do for a hobby.
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It's good that she'll shoot. Maybe one day she'll get into it a bit more. I can't keep my GF home when I go shoot. :? :lol:

Deputy makes some good points. I'd rather shoot something other than paper too.
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