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What a week

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I have had a great week. Had 4 days off! And I have shot 3 days of it. First, the wife and I shot the new 4 inch .44 Redhawk, the .45 Vaquero that I swapped grip frames on, the MK2 .22, the SP101, and the Bushmaster and Winchester 94 on Sunday. Monday I shot the Winchester again, and the 10/22 and MK2 again. Then today I shot the 4 inch Redhawk yet again, and the 77/50 and CVA Buckhorn. The weather has been great, the sun has been shining, and there has been joy in my heart, getting to throw that much lead down-range, on my own property. It is the American dream, baby! My elbow hurts a bit from shooting the .44, but other than that, I have been on cloud nine.
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I ENVY you!

What were you shooting out of your new Redhawk? Factory? Reloads? Size bullet? Powder? I'm curious and or nosey. :)
Thanks Gunman. I'm still thinking I'd like one of them 4" models.
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