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What do you guys think of this?

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I can get a used one for $895. That's a lot of dough!!

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If I had $800 to spend, I'd get a Sig P-226 or a Sig P220.....or even an H&K.....
But I'm thinking revolver. You always want the Sigs. :roll: :p :lol:
You're right about that.....but, to tell the truth, I also want an H&K and a S&W 625..... :D
I'll bet it has a sweet trigger on it..... :eek:
Wizard said:
I'll bet it has a sweet trigger on it..... :eek:
I didn't handle it, but I bet your right. ;)
That money would be better spent on a .44 Mag or .45 L.C., in my opinion...a .357 just ain't worth that much dog food in my mind......
ewww and 8 shot,,,,i like it.
make a heck of a conversation piece.........but i just don't know. I'm use to revolvers with either a 5 or 6 shot cylinder. I have never seen an 8 shot speedloader from hks or anyone else so i don't know if they have one. At 35 oz with that scandium materials, it was designed to be carried. Guess speed strips would be an option.......

I'd check into available leather as well........

Its bound to have one heck of a trigger in her though............
Deputy I believe it comes with moon clips. :D
sheepdog said:
That money would be better spent on a .44 Mag or .45 L.C., in my opinion...a .357 just ain't worth that much dog food in my mind......
357 is my favorite caliber. It's almost cheap enough to shoot. It'll take down deer size game. Recoil isn't so bad that it'll knock you down. It's a great self defense round that allows for a quick follow up shot if needed. So what's wrong with the 357? It seems to be a great all around cartridge. Plus 8 in this revolver is the same number of rounds as the 1911. The use of moon clips will make reloading quick as all get up. I don't see how this revolver isn't great. :?
well son of a gun-------she is mooned!!!!!
deputy125 said:
well son of a gun-------she is mooned!!!!!
One more plus right? :)
Go get your .357-be happy-one more .45 left for me to drool over...I'm just spoiled and sot in my ways....if the only two calibers were .44 Spl. and .45 ACP, I'd be just as happy....
the 45acp is still more pleasant than the 357 for a range gun.
but again the 38spl is nice also.......................
Yeah the 357 kicks good. It's a great caliber though. I also love the 45 and looked at a used 625 tonight. It's a good looking gun, but I'm really up in the air. 45 acp revolver or 357 magnum 7-8 shot revovler? Decisions, decisions. :?
;) If'n I had $900.00 in loose money, I'd probly buy two used Rugers !!

But, . . . . . That is one honey of a revolver !
I like It... :) Makes a NICE "Black OP's" Gun... The only thing that HURT's is the Price... :eek: S&W people are masochists... They Like PRICE Pain... :lol: You would be UnPatriotic if you did not Buy it to help Lubricate the Economy... :mrgreen:
WE'RE the ones in need of lubrication, the things they're shoving to us....Guns are up, Ammo's up, food's up...........oh, well, off to work we go........
Yeah I like it, but at $900 used it's a bit steep. I should just get myself that 4" blued GP100 I'm drooling over.
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