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what is the legal length of a shotgun

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why is there a limit on the shortest length ? I can buy a shot pistol with a 4 inch tube. dont make no sense to me.
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I think it's 18" but it might vary by state. Short barrels clear out a lot of people in a big hurry. The spread is to quick and "uncontrolable". Plus you can conceal a real short shotgun pretty easy. Cops don't want to be on the receiving end.
Rifles have legal limits too. This is from the Kel-Tec website.....

"NOTE: both the D9 and D12 rifles are classified by the ATF as "Short barrel rifles" and the appropriate license and/or tax stamp must be acquired before purchasing ."
I didn't know that. It must be because you can conceal them. Or because the government needs to be up our asses and in our shit all the time. :evil:
Federal is 18" on shotguns...from the head of the shell to the end of the barrel;
16" on rifles...not sure whether from the head of the cartridge or the start of the rifling...

States may vary on the longer side...La. used to be 20" on a shotgun....I cut 'em 20 1/4" to keep from it in your states' law...cops are usually the last to know of changes...the first to spread misinformation...and I earned the right to say that.... ;)
for the State of Texas, a shotgun must have a barrel of at least 18 inches in length and the over-all length of the shotgun must be at least 26 inches.

They get away with it on pistols because as i understand it
1. they have a rifled barrel
2. they are chambered for ammo other than a shotshell such as the 45 colt/410 shotshell.............
thanks guy' a chance to buy an old mossberg pump with short brl. just wanted to be sure before I bought it
It's laws left over from clear back in Prohibition days. That is also when "automatic" weapons were outlawed. And actually was enacted to stop gangsters from carrying either a short rifle or "sawed off shotguns". At least, that was the way it was explained to Me, years ago.
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