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What is your favorit revolver

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My favorite revolver has to be my GP100. More accurate and softer shooting than my SP101. Though, both are great guns..... :mrgreen:
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I'd have to say my GP100 as well. I have the 6" SS version and love it. :mrgreen:
Right now, my GP, but I do have the 4 inch Redhawk on lay a way, and it might change my mind when I get it.
Gunman, I'll bet that gonna be a really sweet revolver..... :lol:
It's a toss up as I really like my GP100 and my SP101. I should be able to solve the dilemma later this year when I get a 4" Redhawk as well but you never know it just might get worse.
Would have to be the GP100 since it's the only DA I have. Fun gun to shoot even with .38's, accurate and feels very businesslike. If I ever get around to getting my CCW the GP will be my first carry gun.
S&W 649 Bodyguard 2" SS in .38 Spl.-Packy Compac grips...fits my hand like a glove and I can shoot better with it than some 4"...hides like a tick on a fat lady!!!
my problem is i'm a man who loves too much------guns that is!

i believe the gp100 to be the best duty and field revolver to come down the line. Tough enough to not worry about function.
for competition, i'll always choose a s&w for the superior trigger in any k, L, or n frame (especially the 625 in 45 acp.

And the little "j" frame 638 airweight bodyguard------come-on tax rebate! i need to re-aquire one....badly! ;) just about the best pocket carry piece i have ever owned.
security six 6 inch barrel......shoots way better than i can.
Another difficult decision but I'll say my Taurus Tracker .357. It's well built and accurate, handles anything from mild .38s to full-bore .357s and with the porting, weight and ribber grips, recoil is extremely manageable. :mrgreen:
I just picked up a used Taurus 689 .357 that's really nice.
But I like my S&W 66 .357 the best. Pinned & recessed, I'll have to let
my kids sell it someday.
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That is a tough question. I'd have to pick my sp-101 if I am limited to da revolvers. If not, then definitely my accusport bisley in .45colt/ .45acp.
Everyone's making really good selections...keep it up, guys.....
Mine is my SS 51/2” Redhawk 41, next is the 480 Super Redhawk .
Sure does seem like alot of guys own Rugers..Hmmmmm..Wonder what forum some of them are

Easy one for me
I love my 627 Taurus Tracker(and it is the only one I
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got to try a tracker before............
they seem to have a better trigger in them than a standard taurus........
Have you gotten to take your Tracker out for any range time lately, Devin? :? I need to take mine out again soon, I think it's feeling a bit neglected after all the attention the PT1911 and XD Tac have been getting. ;)
s&w model 19-3 4"barrel- nothing better. Closely followed by SP101
I like 4-5" barrels best. My 5.5" Redhawk is great too. :)
I guess it would depend on what I am using it for. For CCW it is hands down my SP 101. For a good woods gun I would say my 4 5/8" Ruger Blackhawk in .41 Mag.
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