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What is your favorite caliber?

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I own 30/06, 270 Win, 257 Roberts, 250-3000, 222 Remington and 22 LR. All are bolts except the 250-3000. It is a tough choice for me as both the 270 and 250-3000 will shoot under an inch and my M700 Remington in 30/06 will hold an inch, all with handloads from sturdy bagged rest. The 30/06 is the most versatile and is usually my go to rifle for larger game so that has to be my favorite.
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I don't own one at the moment, but I had a few and loved 'em. I hunted with a couple different Remington Model 700's in 30-06. 30-06 is by far my favorite rifle caliber. Whitetail deer to Grizzly if you know how to use it.
250 savage for hunting.

But i must admit, for shear numbers of rounds fired year around, costs, fun, and family time,------its got to be the lowly .22 LR.
I am boring. My favorite caliber is the 30-06. There isn't much I can't do with that caliber.
I don't even have one right now. But when I was a little kid my dad bought us a 22 bolt action rifle at Sears. I had a lot of fun with that gun. I think he traded it and some other stuff for a revolver at some time.
unfortunantly i only have 2 bolt action rifles, and i'm pretty ordinary in caliber

and .22WMR.

they're both awesome to shoot.
These type of questions are impossible for me to answer. I love em all! I have at the moment:
Two .223s

I guess my favorite to shoot would be the .223, as it has no recoil and you can blast away with it, but as b. roberts mentioned, it is hard to beat the good old 30/06. You literally can do almost any job with it, from prarie poodles with 110 grain bullets to deer with 150-180 grain bullets to the really big critters with 220 grain bullets. The .308 can almost do anything the 30/06 can do, but not quite, as the case is not big enough for those big 220s. However, the .308 has always seemed to have the accuracy edge between the two, all other things being equal.
Drummer said:
I don't even have one right now. But when I was a little kid my dad bought us a 22 bolt action rifle at Sears. I had a lot of fun with that gun. I think he traded it and some other stuff for a revolver at some time.
that's all I have :lol:
A 25+ YO Sears .22 bolt action. I just recently bought some parts for it, and found it was originally made by Winchester.

I'll hopefully be purchasing a 30/06 this year to hunt with in the fall.
I had a single shot bolt action 22 about 13 or 14 years ago. I loved that little gun. :D
I really like the 30-06, because of its versatility, & probably would not be without one. But, . . . . My favorite !!

:eek: 6mm Remington ! my looooooooooooooong life, I've only fired .22, 30-06, and .308 in bolt action....and not fond of the bolt.....but I enjoyed .308...I think it was a 700.... :geek:
If I was rich, I wouldn't have a favorite caliber. There are so many great ones out there. I want a .223, a .270, a .308, one of the short magnums, and a .338 mag. That would handle all the animals that I hunt. However, the 30-06 and a .22 lr also handle all of my hunting needs.
Guess I'm a little different. About 20 years ago, I had a Rem. mod 742 in .243 Win. I really liked that round. It was the first gun I ever loaded for, and we ran some nice hot rounds through it (about 3400 - 3500 fps). Very accurate rifle, very flat shooting.....
My 22 is a Marlin Model 80 that I bought mail order when I was in high school so I've had it for 45 years. The Model 80 is a bolt and is still a good shooter. I put a 1" Redfield 2x7 scope on it with a set of groove mounts and that really helped my accuracy.
270 Wtherby Mag, it’s the only center fire bolt gun I have. :D
Easy for me to answer which ever one I have in my hand at the time. I have 22's up to 338 Win Mag. amd just about all point in between, I love them all and want more, there is never enough guns or ammo and there is never going to be enough time in my life to shoot all I want reload all I want and go to matchs all I want. If hunting around here wasn't so expensvie I would hunt the rest of my life with no complains.
I know what you mean, Snuffy. If my wife ever wins the lottery, we're going to build a new house and move to the sticks, then I going to a gun store, and tell them I want one of each..... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
30-06. Capable of killing Nazis, Tojo, and every North American game animal.
308 is a great round. :)

Welcome to the site tn gun runner. :mrgreen:
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