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method for ccw primary and back-up (2 votes max)

what's your prefered method of ccw?

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strictly speaking for ccw, not open carry. multiple votes allowed for those who ccw with a back-up gun as well................
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I sue an IWB holster in my pocket for my LCP. This seems to work well. I can slide the enitre thing into my pocket when and if I need to, but clip it to the pocket and have very easy access.
KP90DC in IWB at belly button(de-linted, of course) with 649 beside it as 10 oclock IWB, too and spare clip at 2...all under a pocket T-shirt...I have just enough stored calories to tent it all....never been spotted....
i've been crusing the auction sights looking at 49's and 649's-----you'd think they are colector items by the pricing, everyone seems to want one with no stinkin' lock!

The boss (wife) has given the green light for part of tax rebate to be towards a new weapon. Just hard to look at the new smiths with that "hillary" lock as i was set on a mdl 638----oh well, i'm sure something will go south before the check arrives and it goes elsewhere------murphy's law knows me well............
I have two revolvers, one obviously lighter than the other and carry them differantly.

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Jacket weather - usually shoulder rig. Warm weather - usually gun tucked into the waistband on the way out the door.
Warm weather I pocket carry in hiking shorts with a Simply Rugged Pocket Protector and cooler weather OWB in a Simply Rugged Silver Dollar Pancake or Ken Null Vampire if I'm driving any distance.


Have you check out the new Night Guards from Smith?
Sure and a lot o' you guys keep your hands in your pockets a bit too much!!!!!
yep, i've read up on the night guards----sure are nice but a bit high dollar.

sheepdog---as far as pocket carry, while it has some dis-advantages, it also has a few to the plus side.
one is suprise. a lot of folks like to walk around with their hands in their pockets. Doin' so with pocket carry means ya already purty much have your hand on your gun for a fast presentation. And the bad guy is more or less gonna be expectin' car keys or money to come out of that pocket----he's in for a nasty suprise. No telegraphin' any movements like reachin' under a shirt or into the hand is raised up and towards him in a jesture of compliance to keep his eyes busy while the other is drawin' out of the pocket in the same motion to "deliver the goods".................
Yeah, but the way I dress...shirt and jeans...I'd have to have Tommys with side pocket slits to make it work...and sitting down, impossible...I used to carry a M60 in my pants pocket often...when I wore slacks more...not maligning the carry method at all, just poking fun at you pocket pool champions....
"honey is that a gun in your pocket or are ya just glad to see me"............. :lol:
Heard that all my life...what's the origin? Sounds like something like that old gal who said "Come up and see me sometime" would say....what was her name????
Mae West??????????????
That was her...thanks!!!...also known as "My little chickadee" by who???
W.C. Fields?
Ain't we gettin' on up there?!!!
ahhhhhh yesssss
I have a Keltec P3AT in an ankle holster and a taurus 605 iwb at 6 oclock
Sounds like a great combo, Fordman! I only carry one, but have thought about carrying 2.
i usually don't fanny pack, but it does come in handy every now and then. Fanny packed the security six a while back for the colliseum durin' the wrastlin' match. Sittin' that many hours in them small colliseum seats sure does make ya appreciate one................
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