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Wheeooo!! I love this CS40!

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Well I finally got to my shooting spot down in our woods today to try my new CS40. Wow-
I love this gun.

I shot 100 rounds of WW Whitebox 165 grain FMJs.

Here is the first 7 rounds fired out of the gun--been awhile since I shot a 40.
This is one of my famous 9 inch paper plate targets.

:D :D :D
Needless to say I am still grinning ear to ear. I shot the rest of the 100 round box of
Winchester. Then I shot:

7 rounds of Speer 185 grain Gold Dots
7 rounds of Hornady 185 grain XTP
7 rounds of Rem. 185 grain GS

The Cheif's Special is a faily heavy gun for it's size-probably 30 ounces loaded,so
recoil was not a problem(read unfelt).

There were:
No failure to feeds.
No failure to ejects.
No failure to fires

This rascal is a KEEPER!
I feel that I shoot it better than the Beretta 40 that I used to carry on duty.

I have found my new carry gun for CC.

Thanks for looking.
(Did I say that I love this gun)? :D :D :D
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Every time I see that gun, I want one....just not in .40....would love to have it in .45....Nice gun..... :D
looks like you have a keeper for sure....................
Wizard, Thanks, I know what you mean. I looked for a long time for one. Never could find
a 45. This 40 was held captive at my local hangout for five years. I knew I better just quit
looking and take it home. If I ever find a brand new 45 in the future, I will try to get it, but
this 40 suites me just fine. Also the 40 has one round advantage over the 45. Overall I am
a very happy camper :D :D :D
+1 Wiz!!! Jared...good to see a good man well armed....makes me rest easier....
The only think I don't like about the .40 is that sharp recoil. Ballistics are fine. When they first came out, I wanted one one, shot about 500 rnds, got rid of it....hated to sell it, but, never wanted once since. That Smith is one fine lookin' weapon, though..... :D
It's a sweet gun. Might make me a good carry piece. I'm not a fan of the .40 though. A 9mm or 380 is perfectly suitable for CCW duty, and the .45 is timeless.
That's some fine shooting! Looks like a great CCW gun! :cool:
Very nice Jared! It looks like a very compact and, IMHO, an aesthetically pleasing pistol that's easy on the eyes too. :D
That is dang sure nice shooting and a nice firearm.
Thanks fellers. You know it's like I sorta tried to say ealier--I've sorta been luke warm on the 40 thing. Had to carry a Beretta 40 on duty, never really liked it. I really wanted a CS 45,
but just could not seem to find one. I knew this 40 was at my local shop for a long time. I
am thankful that I made the decision to get it. The recoil impulse to me is not as sharp as
the Beretta, don't know why,it just seems that way . Anyway I am real happy with the
That is a pretty little carry gun Jared!

I like it. :D
nice lookin piece.
Is that a factory magazine?
Yes the mags are from S&W.
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I wasn't sure if it was an aftermarket extended or what.
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