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Will be looking at some Handgun Hunting rigs

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Well I spoke with my wife today, and talked about not going to be able to use my bow for bowhunting with any more depending...... as right now even a gallon jug of milk is too much to take on the left shoulder. Shot 25 arrows at 60 pound draw length last week, just about drove me crazy with pain after.

So got some ideas kicking around:

Ruger Super Redhawk SS in 7.5" or the 9.5" in .44 Magnum
Ruger Super Redhawk LG in 7.5" or the 9.5" in the "New" .480 Ruger


Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter with Bisley Grip w/satin stainless .44 mag - 7.5" barrel

BTW - It has to be a Ruger

This is not a right away purchase, but just something I am looking at for now. The Super Redhawks are the major runners up, as the .44 Mag can use the longer bullets such as the 340-gr WFN GC bullet that Rim Rock Bullets produces, and is the same bullet that is used for the Buffalo Bore Ammunition that Tim Sundle uses. I just don't need to load it up that heavy. But I am also looking at that new .480 Ruger cartridge since I also reload. I understand it sure recoils better than the .454 Casull and the .460 Magnum.

The Super Redhawks are the strongest of the Ruger revolvers on the market as far as I am concerned.
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