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I have for some time now have thought it was not wise to post pictures of my favorites.
Then this happened:
Last week I got an email from a buddy that covered the Biden's and their past antics.
It was over three pages long and appeared not to be slanderous.
Well my wife has a friend that is into politics like crazy.
So, I forwarded the email to her account.
The wife mentioned that her friend did not get the email.
Thinking I goofed, I resent it.
Again it did not get to her friend's mail box.
It appears that the Yahoo gods censured the email and stopped it.
If you think about how you are being censured, it is wise to keep some things private and not to anger the internet gods.
You never know who is watching you through a lightning fast computer.

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I would not be shocked. With the left wing censors it will be time to hurt them in the wallet when the political winds change. Until then all of uor rights are under assault.
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