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For off the shelf ammo, what do you reach for first

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I voted cheapest as I'm usually buying in bulk. For rifle hunting I usually end up with Rem. I did my own comparison testing between Win. Super Speed & Rem. Heavy Dove for 12ga. Dove loads. I was surprised at the differences (always figured it's all the same shit), Win. is defiantly faster but I like putting more shot in the air (seems to work better for me). For pistols I keep Fed. Hydro-Shocks in my pistols for carry & home defense. Beyond that it's what ever's on sale.

Actually I can't remember the last time I bought factory ammo. Since I got my SHTF stash stocked up I reload everything. My handloads are better than any factory loads.

P.S. I'm with Deputy on the Hornady, they give that shit out like it was gold or something.
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